Evie Viau — eviee / uwueviee
she/her — real life cat (girl)

By day I do Rust and by night I... also do Rust. Sorry, only Rust here folks :/ Basically a scatter brained catgirl who has decided to undertake the task of maintaing her own Linux distribution.

I also do various web related stuff (mostly backend) and I'm somewhat okay with maintaing Linux servers and the services that reside on them.

That includes my own email and mailman server because I'm a masochist.

Also my static web suffered an HDD failure so some content may not be available as I recover data.


Most of my projects are on GitLab (linked below) with mirrors on GitHub. (MRs/PRs will only be accepted on GitLab)

Socials / Contact / Links

I'm pretty terrible at responding so don't expect too much, but i'll try.


Random stuff including my public GPG keys.

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